The Truth That Everybody Wants to Know About


So many people in this world want to know the truth. And there are so many kinds of truth around us. To different people, they call the truth in many ways; some say it is the divine will, while for others it is the Law. But regardless of the differences, one thing is the same and that it determines one's life experiences and is why we all exist. It also doesn't determine whether you believe it as that or not - fact still remains that you will always be responsible for what happens to you, what you go through in life and what you receive as well.

Until this day, there is still a debate on whether these truths are based on spiritual or scientific nature. This has then led to the sprouting of so many religions made by man, and where they all debate on what is right or what is the truth. The difference and contrary ideas and perceptions though, will never be able to reflect the concept of becoming "one" and true and unconditional love. Find out more about this when you review the site at These two are actually what the universe is all about!

But do you what the truth really is? There is no division or separation in where we live. What only divides us all is the perception and way of thinking of people. Learn more of this by accessing data at What everyone has to know that if the mind, spirit and body are all linked together, then so are we as living species in this world. We are one. We are the universe. And what connects us all is energy.

Those who do not choose to believe in this truth, chooses free will and is believing in mere perception. And those who are said to be in harmony are those that go along with this truth. Those who resist it, then reap the consequence which is hardship and more problems in life. The only way to experience happiness in life is to seek for the truth - it's as simple as that. People make the mistake of trying to complicate things and giving too much ideas and perceptions, that it's steering away from where it should be heading.

What are the positive effects of believing and living in the truth? For one, there is peace and harmony. Everything falls in the right place just as you think and believe it to be. The negative emotions and feelings are thrown away and simply forgotten. Through self esteem building activities at Enlightenment Portal, you can be taught to make no room for this is in your life, not today and tomorrow.